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“Heretic fragrances are handcrafted in Los Angeles and are made with non-synthetic ingredients.” - Sunday Riley


In a world where everyone around you swears by the life-changing magic of CBD, it is hard not to fall into a wellness vortex. A little refresher for those of you who do not know: Cannabidiol is a non-mind-altering compound extracted from both cannabis and the hemp plant aka it will not get you high. Studies show that CBD possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects as it targets your endocannabinoid system (whose main role is to maintain homeostasis). If your endocannabinoid system is overstimulated, CBD helps to give it the break it deserves by binding to its receptors. CBD is also known for aiding in better sleep, relieving aches and pains, promoting balance, and reducing inflammation. Puff, puff, pass the stress relief.

And while you can spend your time googling the best CBD products to gift yourself or a friend, you do not have to! For I am your virtual best friend, your online shopper, your CBD guru (some would say).

So, whether you are someone who is looking to dip your toes into the CBD world, or experiences high amounts of stress, I have you covered

Heretic Dirty Grass Parfum

Heretic fragrances are hand-crafted in Los Angeles, and are made with non-synthetic ingredients, such as essential oils and non-GMO sugarcane alcohol. The brands latest launch, Dirty Grass, contains 150 mg of full spectrum, hemp-derived CBD oil, which allows wearers to absorb the CBD transdermally. The perfume utilizes the benefits of aromatherapy by containing notes of lavender and vetiver to help wearers relax.

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