This means that each ingredient is sourced from raw plant materials, such as essential oils, fractions of essential oils, naturally derived isolates, absolutes and resins obtained from plants and flowers using distillation, expression, or extraction. Each ingredient is 100% natural or naturally derived as defined by ISO 9235 - Natural Aromatic Raw Materials Vocabulary. 

What's the difference? We like to say that synthetic fragrance is like painting with oil paints: opaque, intense, solid, and designed to cover. The experience of wearing a natural fragrance is more like painting with watercolors: sheer, bright, and transparent. Like all forms of art, there is no right or wrong way to create it. We simply prefer the experience of wearing natural scents. Because they are light and sheer, our fragrances are also great for layering! We encourage wearing 2-3 different fragrances at a time to create your own signature scent.

As with wine, natural fragrance ingredients can vary depending on where and how they were grown and extracted. Each region has its own distinctive characteristics due to different soils and different climates. These factors add to the uniqueness of each bottle of perfume.

Did you know that 'clean' fragrance does not mean 'natural'? 99% of commercial fragrances contain synthetic ingredients (even the clean ones). Within the perfume industry, there are 3 categories:

Traditional: Standard perfumes are created using mainly synthetic fragrance (new molecules created in a lab to mimic the aromas of the world around us), some of which are known carcinogens and linked to endocrine disruption.

Clean: When a product is labeled clean, it usually means that the company is choosing to disclose their ingredients and/or avoid certain known toxins. Most clean fragrances only have a few natural ingredients, or sometimes none at all. They’re typically created with synthetic fragrance that is derived from petrochemicals. 

Natural: Each ingredient is derived from a natural source, no synthetics. Heretic is pioneering the idea of working exclusively with naturally derived ingredients—a rare practice in the industry because of how expensive these materials can be. The extra cost is worth it to us, though, because we are madly in love with the incredible scent profiles of these botanical ingredients. 

Our fragrances are all 100% naturally derived unless noted otherwise. Occasionally we have to rely on certain synthetic materials to achieve a particular fragrance profile (such as a musk note, which cannot be achieved naturally because it's meant to imitate an animal-derived scent). Any fragrances that contains safe synthetic materials are clearly marked as 'not 100% natural' within the product description on our site, and you can view the full ingredient lists there as well. Currently only four of our perfumes are safe-synthetic blends.

Heretic fragrances stand out from other perfume collections on the market for many reasons, one of those being our choice to use sugarcane alcohol. Instead of the industry-standard SD40 perfumer's alcohol (a GMO-grain denatured alcohol with petroleum derivatives), we use non-GMO organic sugarcane alcohol. When alcohol is called 'denatured', it means that is has poisonous or unpleasant additives that make it undrinkable. Since Eau de Parfum consists of around 80-85% alcohol, we  didn't want to compromise the quality of our all-natural ingredients by blending them in anything but the best. The sugarcane alcohol we blend with is a non-denatured, food-grade alcohol that adds a subtle warmth to our fragrances.

Fragrance companies are not required by law to disclose their ingredients. Usually you will just see the term 'fragrance' listed because of the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act of 1966 that protects fragrance formulas as 'trade secrets'. Yes, you read correctly –1966! It’s safe to say an update is long overdue. This loophole has made it impossible for customers to know what you're putting on your skin and inhaling into your lungs. Sometimes dangerous and even carcinogenic chemicals could be used for their olfactive qualities.

We’re not afraid to bare it all, sharing each and every one of our ingredients with you because we believe you deserve to know exactly what's in your perfume. You can find a full list of ingredients for each of our fragrances on each product page.

We’re crafting fragrances as they were created hundreds of years ago, inspired by artisan perfumers of the past—the witch doctors, outsiders, alchemists, the original heretics. On a mission to rediscover the therapeutic powers of nature, we use naturally derived botanical ingredients not only because of how clean they are, but also because we love to explore the holistic aspects of what these plant essences can bring to our lives.

We’ve combined conventional perfumery with the Ayurvedic healing properties of natural extracts to create truly functional fragrances inspired by ancient traditions. Our fragrances harness the aromatherapy benefits of the powerful plant materials they contain, such as: The calming effects of CBD or jasmine, the uplifting and emotionally cleansing properties of citrus oils, or the balancing and grounding aspects of root and wood extracts. Just as natural whole foods have a completely different effect on the body than their synthetic counterparts (like eating a real strawberry vs. a strawberry-flavored candy), real scents have real effects.

Heretic fragrances do not contain the aroma-chemicals and additives that are typically used to extend wear in standard perfumes. This means that they will lay more sheer on the skin than their synthetic counterpart. We prefer it that way, because we don’t think your perfume should enter the room before you do. On average they will last on your skin between 2-5 hours, and can also be spritzed on the hair to help the scent linger. We suggest reapplying a couple of times throughout the day.

We don't believe that fragrances should be assigned to a specific gender. All of our perfumes are gender-neutral and can be worn by anyone. If you're in a feminine mood, go for a floral scent, and if you're looking for something bolder try a scent with strong wood notes. You can also layer several scents together to find the perfect combination to express your individuality.

Top notes are the most diffusive, and they evaporate fastest. Often these are citrus notes and some florals. Heart notes are heavier, the core of the fragrance, and base notes are the heaviest molecules that present themselves last and linger after the majority of the fragrance has faded away. Often base notes are centered around woods or resins.

With natural fragrances it’s normal to sometimes notice a separation in the fluids, oil spots, or cloudiness in the bottle. Simply give it a gentle shake! Like all perfumes, ours should stay at room temperature and be kept out of sunlight to avoid potentially altering their color or scent. 

It is possible, though uncommon, for some people to have an allergic reaction to certain essential oils contained in natural fragrances. As with all beauty products, we recommend applying a small amount inside of the elbow to test it out. 


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