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“Heretic has garnered a prominent following for its intoxicating blends and risque branding.” -C Mag


Golden State giants of natural unisex brands on how California inspires their life and work

In a beauty industry traditionally dominated by women, it’s been refreshing to witness three Los Angeles-based men make their mark by advancing the movement for nontoxic self-care with their unisex lines. J.P. Mastey of Corpus Naturals deodorant, Douglas Little of Heretic Parfum, and Matthew Ruggieri of skincare company Onekind have all established companies dedicated to creating formulations with clean, high-grade ingredients — and the chic packaging doesn’t look bad on a bathroom countertop, either. We asked the founders to share how California inspires them, what drove them to create eco-conscious brands, and their own clean grooming and at-home self-care routines.

Douglas Little Interview with C MagazineDouglas Little:

Since launching in 2015, Douglas Little’s clean fragrance and candle collection, Heretic Parfum, has garnered a prominent following for its intoxicating blends and risque branding. Little famously collaborated with Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop to create four unique scents, including the This Smells Like My Vagina candle.

What made you want to become a perfumer?
Nature is my greatest muse and mentor, and I’m constantly discovering new facets of her beauty. I also love being able to share my passion with other people.

Why do nontoxic fragrances appeal to you?
The idea for Heretic Parfum was to go against the grain of the traditional toxic aroma chemicals and to create a radically transparent collection of fragrances made from 100 percent naturally derived materials blended in organic sugarcane alcohol. I believe what we put in our bodies is just as important as what we put on our bodies.

In what ways does California inspire you?
California inspires me with its physical and metaphorical space. I uprooted and moved to New York for five years and quickly realized that, while the city may have its charms, California gave me physical and mental space to think, dream and create. I will never regret my time in N.Y., however, I will say that I am thrilled to be home.

Any products you use to jumpstart your day?
I am obsessed with Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily supplement powder and always start my day with it. For my face, I use the Goop Exfoliating Instant Facial scrub followed by Codex Beauty Skin Superfood. My favorite body wash is Goop G.Day ginger and ashwagandha energy body wash. I worked on the fragrance for this and for Goop G.Day black pepper and rosehip energy body oil. I am also loving the Neroli deodorant by Corpus Naturals, and of course, my signature Heretic fragrance, Dirty Ginger (it takes one to know one).

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