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A set of 3 magical elixirs crafted from lush botanicals that are woven together into a tapestry of scent and sensuality. Each fragrance is designed to conjure a world, a mood and a vibe, and to enhance any environment.


Prepare yourself to be mesmerized by this hypnotic and meditative blend created for the moments when you want to evoke your inner spiritualist. Connect to higher consciousness by enveloping yourself in Palo Santo, Boswellia frankincense, crisp olibanum, cedar, and herbaceous juniper. Allow this sacred blend of herbs and resins to clear away negative energies and welcome the sublime to your space and surroundings.


When you want a vibrant reminder of the olfactory wonders of mother nature, invite the botanist. One spray will instantly transform your space into a lush and verdant garden brimming with botanical wonders. Crisp, aromatic tomato leaves are muddled with crushed geraniums, sweet mint, peppery basil and the sparkling aroma of Italian bergamot. This delightful, herbaceous blend creates a feeling of happiness and well-being that you will never want to be without.


Celebrate pleasure in all its forms and allow your sensualist to come forth. Arouse your senses with a velvety blend of blonde woods, sheer musk, amber, and voluptuous Indian tuberose. Allow the complexity of exotic resins, the brightness of citrus peel and the crispness of juniper to pique your curiosity for new and riveting possibilites.