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LIMITED EDITION • A magically haunting 16" candle that's a stunning work of art by day and an ethereal beauty at night. When lit, this surreal sculpture will cry tears of dripping wax—making it a darkly elegant weeping bust that is, literally, illuminating. Unscented. 

This candle is unscented. It is 16 lbs. 7oz. and measures 16.5"H x 9.5"W. It will arrive in a box that is 19.5"H, 11.75"W and 10"D.

Heretic Founder/Perfumer Douglas Little has created a work of art in collaboration with the wildly talented sculptor George Sellers. Unified in their love of the surreal and dream-like, the duo wanted to create an otherworldly sculpture intended to infuse a touch of magic into a strait-laced world.

Inspired by George's classical training in Italy, we challenged him to play with the idea of creating what seems like neoclassical bust, but that upon further inspection, harbors a fantastical surrealist secret—her waxy flood of tears. When lit, this beautifully haunting candle will cry tears of dripping wax, making it an ethereal and darkly elegant beauty that is, literally, illuminating. A stunning work of art by day and a haunting weeping beauty when lit at night, she keeps us guessing and fantasizing about her story and her secrets. Who is she? A mythical creature from the Greek or Roman canon? Or a rebellious Heretic defying established orthodoxy? If you look carefully enough, will she tell you?

INSTRUCTIONS & PRECAUTIONS: Please remember this candle is designed to drip. Make sure the candle is placed on a heat resistant surface that will not be damaged by the dripping wax. Keep the wick trimmed to ⅛ of an inch every time the candle is lit. Do not let it burn for more than 4 hours at a time and allow the wax pool to completely liquify, extinguish, and let cool. Keep the wax pool free from wick trimmings, matches, or any debris. Keep away from children and pets. Keep away from flammable materials. Do not move the candle while lit or while the candle wax is hot. Failure to comply with these instructions may result in fire hazard, personal injury, property and smoke damage.

RETURNS: We only accept returns for defective or damaged products. If you’d like to sample the fragrance first, we recommend you start with one of our Discovery Sets or take our Fragrance Finder Quiz for a personally recommended scent.

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In a category of our own, HERETIC handcrafts artisanal fragrances blended in organic sugarcane alcohol, with real botanical ingredients that bring the wild beauty and functional benefits of nature to each of our fragrances.


We aren’t afraid to bare it all. We list every single ingredient in every single fragrance.


No phthalates • No parabens • Non-toxic • Always vegan friendly & cruelty-free


Fragrances shouldn’t be assigned a specific gender, which is why all our scents can be worn by anyone.


$187.50 $250.00