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Heretic Parfum founder Douglas Little has found a new taboo to elevate: cannabis." -WWD


Beauty brands aren’t letting the grass grow under their feet. Here, five new product launches featuring CBD, THC and other cannabinoids in time for April 20.


Just as he did with his iconoclastic Goop collaboration, Heretic Parfum founder Douglas Little has found a new taboo to elevate: cannabis. In partnership with cannabis brand Drew Martin, Little is redefining functional fragrance by incorporating THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis, in its newest collaboration.

The challenges to formulating the product were myriad, including manufacturing constraints and an arduous regulatory landscape. Little, however, thinks dispensaries could be a big moneymaker for beauty brands. “There’s a customer who’s going there for a very specific reason, and if you’re an entrepreneur or an innovator, it’s like the Wild West and really exciting,” he said.

Martin said cannabis’ audience is only growing. “We’re at this tipping point of being able to introduce [cannabis] to a wider group of people, and in very innovative ways,” he said. “Given that we’ve both been thought leaders in our respective industries, we thought it would be beautiful to extend into the natural overlap between both of our products and brands.”

The cannabis strain in the fragrance has notes of lemon and pine, and Little included frankincense, lavender and hinoki for their relaxing properties, too.

The Herbalist is available only at Sweet Flower stores in Los Angeles.