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“I have a mild panic attack if it’s not nearby. I’m obsessed!” -Violet Grey


I’ve been using Heretic Dirty Grass CBD Oil every day since Maureen, Violet Grey’s beauty director, spritzed it on me at lunch three weeks ago. She said it would make me feel amazing—and it truly does. Now, I either keep it on my desk or in my handbag, because I have a mild panic attack if it’s not nearby. I’m obsessed! I love the warmth of it—it’s a sexy fragrance, but also makes me feel completely calm and relaxed. That’s because the base notes, like vetiver, have a grounding, therapeutic effect. And, of course, the CBD kind of kicks it into high gear.

Wearing fragrance is definitely my thing, so I get particularly excited when I find a new go-to. When I’m in the studio or on a job doing makeup on other people, I’m relaxed in jeans, a T-shirt, sneakers, and fresh skin. But having a bit of perfume on makes me feel a little more pulled together, even when the rest of my look is casual. I typically apply it to my wrists, rub them together, then run them down either side of my neck and go. With this, I find myself dabbing it on throughout the day to get a boost, soothe my senses, and reclaim my calm.

I was actually surprised that I fell so hard for this Dirty Grass scent, because I usually like a bit of musk in whatever I’m wearing. This doesn’t have any of that, but the notes of cut stems mixed with pink pepper and violet leaf make it sort of sensual and seductive, which I love.

It does contain CBD, however, which I’ve tried in sticks and creams for ailments like tight hands. It works quite well for me, especially when I get a bit of anxiety. This is great for reducing that almost instantaneously. I don’t know if it’s psychological, but every time I have to do something stressful, I’ve put this fragrance on, and then I’m like, OK, this is easy. Its effect is very peaceful. You feel ready to take things on when you’re having a rough day, and that’s always helpful.

To be honest, I have a huge fragrance collection and usually jump around between different perfumes. But Heretic Dirty Grass CBD Oil is mine now, and I think it will be for quite a while. I just really, really love it.