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In honor of April 20, The Herbalist, a fragrance collaboration between Heretic Parfum and cannabis brand Drew Martin, is releasing what it claims is the first THC-infused luxury fragrance.

“As you immerse yourself in this expertly layered and completely natural scent, our hope is that you experience a profound and exquisite connection with the ancient practice of harnessing the goodness of plants, which for us, is at the heart of everything we do,” said Douglas Little, the founder of Heretic Parfum (who worked with Gwyneth Paltrow on the creation of her Goop Fragrance collection, which includes the This Smells Like My Vagina candle.) 

The new scent has a base of the sativa-hybrid cannabis cultivar Jack Herer, an aromatic strain which is said to have calming effects. (The flower used in concocting the perfume was sustainably grown in California.) The cannabis cultivar’s notes include lemon, tangerine and crushed pine needles, which are complemented by the addition of lavender and hinoki.

“Cannabis is a special and powerful plant,” added Drew Martin, the founder of Drew Martin (known for its low-dose pre-rolls), in a statement. “Many use the plant therapeutically, many more use it for fun or relaxation. The Herbalist is another expression of this plant that resists categorization. I hope it can play a role in expanding people’s understanding of cannabis.”

To create the fragrance, its makers used raw extract of cannabis blended with organically distilled sugar cane alcohol.

It’s available, in a 50ml bottle for $250, starting today at Sweet Flower dispensaries around Los Angeles and via waitlist at drewmartin.co/heretic.