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Douglas Little, founder of Heretic Parfum, and Drew Martin, founder of the eponymous line of botanical pre-rolls, are kindred spirits bonded by a shared belief that plants are magic. The two brands came together earlier this year to create The Herbalist: the first perfume on the market to contain THC. After a successful launch (it was only sold through select dispensaries in Los Angeles), we decided to turn this beautiful functional fragrance into a non-THC version that can be sold to our customers online.

Designed to enhance the wearer’s wellbeing, The Herbalist amplifies the calming effects of hemp with the soothing aromatherapy benefits of hinoki wood, vetiver, and lavender absolute.

“As you immerse yourself in this expertly layered natural scent, our hope is that you experience a profound and intoxicatingly exquisite connection with the ancient practice of harnessing the goodness of plants, which for us is at the heart of everything we do." -DL  


The Herbalist Rollerball Perfume


Listen to our podcast episode with Drew Martin to learn more about the philosophy behind the Drew Martin brand and all about this special collaboration. 

Our podcast can also be found on Spotify or iTunes.  

About Drew Martin:

From hopping trains out of Chang Mai to working on a cannabis farm, Drew Martin is an herbalist, award-winning mixologist, and wanderer. Leaning into his knowledge of herbalism and mixology, he decided to create a new kind of pre-roll that places the ritual of smoking cannabis at the forefront. With the modern cannabis industry on a quest to make the most potent strains possible, he felt that we were losing the idea of cannabis smoking as something that makes connections between people. Drew's formulas go in a different direction, blending cannabis with a curated mix of other botanical ingredients to not only result in complex natural aromas and flavors, but to ensure they're low-dose as well.