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Save up to 10% off our natural and clean candles by joining Wax Fetish, our candle of the month club. Pay as you go, no commitment and you receive a new curated candle each month.

Discover the aromatic allure of our scented candle collection. To learn more about Wax Fetish and its benefits, visit the Wax Fetish page.

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  • Recurring monthly charge of $63.00 plus taxes

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  • Complimentary welcome bonus votive size candle

    RETURNS: We only accept returns for defective or damaged products. If you’d like to sample the fragrance first, we recommend you start with one of our Discovery Sets or take our Fragrance Finder Quiz for a personally recommended scent.

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    In a category of our own, HERETIC handcrafts artisanal fragrances blended in organic sugarcane alcohol, with real botanical ingredients that bring the wild beauty and functional benefits of nature to each of our fragrances.


    As a sign-on bonus, you'll receive a complimentary votive size candle.


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    Enjoy free shipping and 10% off on our curated candles.